I have loved animals (including humans) as long as I can remember. I am deeply grateful for every moment with every one – the moments of adventure, of speed, of quiteness, beauty, connection, cuddles, moments of conflict, discussion and testing boundaries. I am thankful to learn from them, learn with them and learn about myself through them.
The older I get, the more I see the connections between everything that is, the more love I feel for everything that moves. With growth and letting go of fears, of anger, frustrations and concepts of disgust, I learn to appreciate all the animals (including spiders and humans) that come into my life and the messages they bring.

I am good at listening, at seeing, at feeling and understanding. I have learned a lot — both theoretically and practically (Vita)
With that I enjoy helping others to find their own path (in connection with their human, their animal or simply with themselves) into balance and become the best, the happiest version of themselves.

me if you would like my help.