I am learning
to follow the cycles
of death and birth
I am peeling off
I am putting together
puzzle pieces
finding the beauty in the uncomfortable
in the pain
I stand here
a little child
an old soul
a fierce wild woman
a witch
my heart wide open
spreading love
and warmth
just be and love and free

I was born in 1987 in a country that soon ceased to exist. I continued growing up right there — in north-east Germany. I went to school, then to the next one, to an additional one and finished my A-Level with a specialization in psychology. I went on to university and studied English, Biology and primary school teaching. I wasn’t very passionate about what I did but you have to do something, right? And somehow I was lucky (or quite clever) and never had to do much to be pretty good.
After a chubby and uncoordinated childhood I developed a love for volleyball in my teenage times, which became the center of my life for some years. Later I started running, later I learned to enjoy running. I did a few 10k runs (which I was never properly prepared for). I embarassed myself while becoming a sports teacher for little children and still made it (or maybe because I did). And then — when a door in volleyball closed I opened another one — triathlon.
During all this I had long term, quite save and quite regular relationships.
In 2010 I went to New Zealand and caught fire. The country mesmerized me with its diversity and breath-taking beauty, with its slowness and happy, open people. I felt at home more than I had before.

Back in Germany I fell in a bit of a hole and at the same time a new passion was born. I wanted more — travelling, hiking, the beauty of nature.

I travelled my home country and got to know Lübeck, Potsdam, Leipzig, München, Heidelberg and Hamburg. I went to Greece and the Netherlands.
In 2012 an American surfed my couch and we became a couple for the five following years. Many flights, many difficulties, a lot of wonderful moments, many layers . . .
In 2013 I finished university and in 2015 I was a fully qualified teacher. I had jumped many, many hurdles and shed many layers along the way. Finally, (mostly) free from being evaluated I could have a closer look at who I was and wanted to be instead of who I had to be. I found love and warmth. I also realized how much I didn’t like being inside all day, teaching children things because a certain document said so, getting up before 6, giving grades . . . I am forever grateful for the things I learned, the path I chose and the doors it opened and opens. In 2017 I finished my limited contract (originally to go to the USA), took the money I had saved and left to travel. In the back of my head the idea to explore Europe and myself, my creativity and other ways of making a living.
I started on a little Greek island, working with an endangered horse breed. There I met a dog and fell in love. Raki has accompanied me since. And together we have been around. Physically and mentally, freeing ourselves, healing . . .
Now I am here, a nomad on a journey with my van and my dog. Standing proud and strong, an artist, a teacher, creating what feels good.

3 thoughts on “This is me

  1. So viele Dinge und Ereignisse in deinem Leben, das Dich geprägt und stark gemacht haben.
    Nun dieses fliessen, diese Freiheit und offenes Wesen kennen zulernen, ist eine Bereicherung für mich und sollte eine Bereicherung für uns alle sein.

    Ich danke Dir für deine offenen Ohren und positiven Unterhaltungen.

    Viel Kraft, Respekt und Freude soll dir weiterhin auf deinem Wege zu Glück sein.


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