I have a dream .   . ..
. .  . a dream to live in a world,
where we share what we can .  . .
.  . where we give without asking .  .
. and take what is offered .
a world of trust
I love to share, to give. I love to be there and listen, to help with heartache and emotional trouble and with joy and happiness. I love to share my time, to bring beauty and healing to this world and to the people around me – with my arts, my words, my presence, my time, my knowledge, my experiences.

Images and Prints

If you like a particular picture, displayed on my website, or are looking for big or small format landscape picture, contact me. I have a huge (40 000 pictures) personal archive with a big variety of landscape pictures – from glaciers to beaches to animals. I love to spread the beauty of this mesmerizing earth and I love to see my pictures in real life in big formats. Donation based.


I’m glad if the hours and hours and hours I have put into aqcuiring and putting together knowledge on certain topics, helps others on their way. I happily share my scientific work with anyone interested .
Here you find an overview of my works. Contact me if you are interested.

Support my artistic ventures


If you have the impulse to give me something back for what I have shared and shown here, one way to do so is here.