I headed out to travel, Never imagining what I would find . . .

Not one big step but putting one foot in front of the other led me to set out to travel for a year — at least, open ending.
In 2012 I met an American boy. It was the start of a five year long relationship that brought me on a path of limited teaching contracts. After years of long distance relationship we wanted to experience life together and I was planing to visit for a lengthy period of time. Through a friend I heard of a farm on a little Greek island that was breeding and working with an endemic pony breed. I was curious and made plans to go there before going to the USA. Only as time passed, I pondered — I had been to the USA twice for three months, I had a lot of money from my teaching job and I had just finished 20 years of education. So I decided it was time to enjoy, to head out and travel and do something for myself . . . See where the journey takes me.

A year apart — one year later


Zarti? … Raki!



Belgium and the Netherlands (30! OMG)