I guess it is a good time…  (inspired by the attacks in London on March 22nd 2017)

Travelling has shown me that we live in an amazing world after all.
Yes, we are deprived of many things – connection is a big one in a world full of consumption.
Travelling has often and in a myriad of ways opened my eyes to how many kind, warm, sensible and caring people are in this world. How many people are creating, being creative, helping, sharing and reaching out.
Travelling has shown me in what a beautiful world we live.
In a world of turmoil we have to get back together more than ever to connect, change and create.

Here is my take on London from my 2016 visits.

In February my boyfriend, Tommy started working for the start up beautiful destinations which brought him to London to get familiar with the team there before he would work in New York City.

Naturally I got to visit a few times and explore the city. I did all the big sights in one gigantic tiring walking tour. They were fine to look at but mostly crowded. Tommy and I also checked out Brick lane’s market (also crowded and brought me a dress), shoreditch’s vibes and walked along the Thames.

A lasting memory will be the community gardens close to brick lane. They hosted various art and a consortium of little pallet gardens, also people with guitars, bonfires, a piano and a coffee bar. Wonderful place


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