The day I sliced my ass open

For a while I have been thinking about writing about past events and showing past pictures. So here we go.

Rostock, 2012

It was a sunday, not much to do and there was a sufficient snow cover. After some calls, some sledding devices and a group of people were found.
I was joined by Alina, Rico and Paul (all of them adventurous sport students).
We went to the quite pretty park “Wallanlagen” and tried some slopes. We found a narrow one between some trees that wasn’t easy to maneuvre. Each of us tried with more or less success.
When it was my turn, I took the plastic sled (one of those) and went for it. I didn’t manage to stay in and sled some of the short ride with my butt. I came out hurting quite a bit and thought to myself “that will be a good bruise”, assuming I had bumped some roots. We carry on with our sledding adventure and go on to the next slope which is a lot more popular with many children and grown ups.
About 30 minutes after my bump into the “root”, Alina goes: “Cindy, what have you got … oh…OH!”. When I look down on my backside I see a hand sized blood stain on my pants and there is quite a significant tear in my jeans and my stockings. “Oops, maybe I actually bumped a piece of glass.” After some quick thinking (sport students know how to deal with shit), Paul says “we go to Fitness First.” which is only 200m away and is open on Sunday. When we arrive there, I come across a familiar face. The guy I had worked together with in the Bistro in the Zoorestaurant in Schwerin was working at the reception. He brought me into another room and attempted to do some first aid. Being a bit more on the soft side, it wasn’t very easy for him. After I was able to convince him that we won’t call an ambulance, we managed together to put a bandage on my thigh.
I said goodbye to Paul and Alina and continued with Rico who had agreed to drive me to the emergency room. After a short stop at my place, to get out of my bloody pants and to pick up my Eglish lingustics book because Rico had yet to prepare for the final test for the class (it was due in one or two days), we got to the close by emergency room.
Only a short one and a half hours later the doctor took a short look and called in the nurse. She plastered me up and said, if I was lucky I wouldn’t even have a scar and it wouldn’t be a problem to attend the life guard class I was about to take in two weeks from then.

We even got some videos out of it.


I think Rico passed his test and I cooked him lasagne for his help (it was really good). I passed the live guard too and I still have a scar.

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