A year Apart

And hear I sit,
in a place I didn’t think I would be
Always different, always changing

Almost a year ago I set out to travel, learn, work and enjoy myself. I had many plans and ideas. As always in life things went so different from what I had pictured.

In Greece I fell in love with a dog – Raki has since accompanied me and has been one of the biggest challenges and the biggest joys of my life.
In July Tommy and me broke up – 5 years, many kilometeres, many emotions, passion, love, time…
I bought a giant car and built a home into it
I stayed with friends and family
I went through conflicts, that taught me, made me stronger…
I met amazing people, some have become friends and – no doubt – will stay with me

Thank you – beautiful places I have been to – for the vibes and people you have let me feel:
Skyros, Athens, Potsdam, Schwerin, Parum, Woland, Hermannshagen, Flessenow, Boston, Woserin (Ideenwiese), Weitenhagen, Rostock, Berlin, Kritzow, Tessenow, Dinant, Faulx-les-Tombes, Groenewoud, Hildebrandshagen, Sønderballe, Køge, Svensbygget
(Greece, Germany, USA, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden)

Thank you – beautiful people I have met – for the lessons you have taught me, the help and love you gave me and the moments you shared with me. There are too many to name and I couldn’t name them all even if I wanted.
Still a few were special and their light shines a bit brighter for me:
Dimitri, Christina, Anastassio, Nasja, Jorgis, Jason, Johanna, Andrea & Sven, Beate & David, Nico, Bauke, Binka, Claudia & Clemens, Mike-Georg, Dirk, Benjamin, Ingmar, Martin, Elisabeth, Anne, Stephan, Martina, Ingrid, Ambre, Kajsa, my parents


More free than ever, I’m shaping my path as I go along. I’m excited for the future.




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