more German late summers

Johanna was so awesome to let us stay in her appartment while she was on holidays. We enjoyed some quiet and play time.




Together with Johanna and Filou we enjoyed a few more days in Potsdam and Johanna and me went to the concert of the magnificient Rising Appalachia, where we found space of colour and peace and appreciation and wonderful music.


From Potsdam Johanna, me and Raki and Filou head back north. We have a look at the Demeter Farm and living community in Medewege and spend the night with my Granddad and his partner, Röschen in their garden and boat house in Flessenow.

After this short stop we go East and spend time of relaxation and productivity in Weitenhagen in Johannas parents place, accompanied by wonderful food and a trip to the beach.












Afterwards Johanna and me and Raki and Filou say goodbye again – Johanna going back to Potsdam and me spending a few more days in Flessenow with my Granddad and Röschen before I go to my old love Rostock.



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