this one morning.

I woke up to little sprinkles of rain on my face. In my sleeping bag, I hopped into the car, where I slept for another hour. The weather stayed pretty gnarly with 80+% humidity, low visibility and low, white clouds. I had breakfast on the cliffs and went down to the beach on the little hiking path, that I found watching the locals. The tide was out and exposed were green-glowing, algea-covered boulders.
In the surf were local men, collecting clams from the rocks. One had a playing puppy jumping around him; another one had a wife sitting peacefully on a rock and a son playing.
I found a lot of fun, rock collecting and taking pictures of the strange formations.
It was very serene and gave me a feeling of calmness and peace. The sun started peaking out after a little while and I fell asleep on the beach.


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