Goodbye Sweden, welcome back to Germany

My last blog post was in March. I was about to leave my last winter sanctuary in Vika, Sweden to set out on my first winter camping trip with the Beast. I met this amazing, soothing, calming place – Bäcken – and it’s awesome owner Jan Johanson with his two Leika. I heard crazy stories about hunting, dogs, travelling . . . I watched wind and snow pass by, walked on icebergs and photo hunted a crane.
I travelled down the Swedish coast, met up with the Katergat and went back to two wonderful places we met on our way up – Höllviken and this little coastal strip somewhere close to Copenhagen.
















Sweden had given us a lot – sanctuary, peace, friends, beaches, ice, winter, conflicts, new and old friends. . . Raki and me ice skated together. We recharged our batteries after a turbulent year of travelling, learning, conflicts, meeting new and old friends, finding and searching. Now we were ready for a new period, new challenges, more soulsearching, more learning . . .

And damn, what we found

We spent a cleansing Easter with my dear friends Johanna and Filou, accopanied by spring’s first arrival. We met the family again and then I moved out of my shared apartment. I had moved in there in February of 2014 and lived there for pretty much exactly three  years. What a journey it had been. I lived it all there – the freedom, lightness, parties, get togethers, friends, family, amazing food, nakedness, healing and the conflicts, jealousy, depression, suffering, relationships, sadness…
I had subletted my room for a year and a half, now it was time to let go and cut this string. After spending signifcant amounts of time on sorting and getting rid of stuff, I have little possesions left and carried most of it around by myself, secured it in my own car and drove it two hours north to my friends attic. It felt incredible liberating and empowering. Up there I spent more time sorting, getting rid of stuff and enjoying the spring with Raki and Filou.






While I was in Sweden, I received a request to come and work in an animal sanctuary in Austria – something I had been wanting to do for a while. So that was our next destination. But before, we went on a holidays with my mom. We chose Kassel because it was halfway to Austria and I had been in contact with Boba who welcomed us into his home. This was the first holiday me and my mom took with just us. We rented a wonderful cozy and colourful air bnb and spent some relaxing days there – walking, reading, talking and eating. For a weekend we visited Boba in his giant and beautiful garden and met his friends and children. Our holiday ended back in the air bnb and we finished with a long talk, accompanied by tears and hugs, raising our relationship to a new level. Thank you




. . . and then we leave for the next step on our journey

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