While I was in Sweden, I received a request to come and work in an animal sanctuary in Austria – something I had been wanting to do for a while. It was a small place with horses and a donkey and as my urge to be with horses again was growing, this was a wonderful opportunity. I arrived in the “Dreiländereck” – the triangle in between Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic in the beginning of July.My host and boss – Jobst was my age and lived together with his parents and two brothers on a beautiful farm, the last house before the forest started. The place was absolutely stunning with beautiful views and the vast Bömer Forest right at the doorstep. The inhabitants of the sanctuary were Mario, a donkey, Schecki, a pony, Dorina, a 32 year old show jumping retiree and Carina and Stella two elderly horse ladies – mother and daughter. All of them beautiful souls with a lot of energy still in them, sensitive and unspoiled. Once more I learned to trust, listen and had a few firsts – bareback with only a rope around the neck was a beautiful one, making hay one for the muscles and endurance. I spent a lot of peaceful time pealing tree trunks, drove a tractor and rode a man powered wheel barrow.
Jobst quickly became a good friend and we shared many intimate talks. Always a smile and a joke on his lips and always changing plans. He was eager to learn from me and to teach me. His family provided me with wonderful food and good company. A special place in my heart and memory is taken by Dominik – Jobst’s best friend and neighbour. This guy with his garden and shed, a house full of art, wood and cozy mess. An idealist with passion for life and what is just – we shared moments of intimacy and closeness. We laughed and worked and ate many good meals.
Thank you Austria and you beautiful people.

Surely I will be back some day.














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