Ideenwiese once more

Das Schaf blökt wieder!

I found the Ideenwiese – a little festival based on participation and family – last year just two weeks before the event and I fell in love instantly (before I even got there). I arrived early to help setting everything up and stayed longer. I made wonderful new friends and knew I would come back.

So here we were in 2018 – Ideenwiese once more. I arrived some days early and instanly was home, in the lap of family. What followed was a special time with many, many beautiful moments and even more beautiful people. Moments of endlessness and absoluteness. Lying in the sun with Raki, while listening to people making awesome music, amidst dancing people and playing children; gliding into the cooling waters of the lake after falling out of the oven that my car had become in the morning sun; falling asleep with feet warmed by the fire; watching the perseides pass by in the endless night sky; eating alcoholic berries out of a traffic cone; late night pasta feasts; creating and teaching and many many many sandwich toaster sandwiches.
I’m so thankful to have found this place and its people. I can’t wait to get more involved and share more of this beauty.

The camera work was done by many great people so I immersed myself in the experience and only have few impressions this year.







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