late Summers in Germany

After the Ideenwiese we continued enjoying the late summer in Germany, wandering aimlessly and with aim – visiting friends, places, getting things done . . .

Our first destination was only a few kilometres further from the Ideenwiese. A place that has captured my heart and become really dear to me – Woland.
Woland is this Oasis of space and peace, a place with no street lights and only five neighbours. We visit our friends there – Martina and Inga with their animal family on their farm. Whenever I go there I realise again how much I enjoy living in nature and among the animals – having random cuddles, watching the horses in my pyjamas, seeing the milky way and hearing the beings of the night.







With our good friend Bauke in the passenger seat the journey goes south to Ketzin where we celebrate Johanna’s birthday.





We enjoy a wonderful slow day after the celebration, eating, chilling, lying in the sun. In the afternoon Bauke, me and Raki head back north. We drop Bauke off at the main station and arrive in my home town.




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