• 02/14 – 07/15 Referendariat in Potsdam
    Certificate: zweites Staatsexamen (second state examination)
    Paper: Teaching sexual Education in multi-cultural classes.
  • 10/07 – 06/13 University of Rostock, teaching studies for primary and secondary school
    Subjects Primary School: Math, German, Science, English and PE for
    Subjects Secondary School: English and Biology
    Certificate: erstes Staatsexamen (first state examination)
  • 09/04 – 07/07 Fachgymnasium für Wirtschaft und Verwaltung
    Certificate: pädagogisch-psychologisches Fachabitur (A-Level with a specialization in psychology and pedagogy

Practical experiences

Θ  horses: english riding, groundwork, long reins, liberty
Θ  dogs: communication, trick training, sports
Θ  humans: teaching English, science, arts, sports and mindfulness, intuitive massages, communication

Θ  arts: photography, picture editing, writing, woodwork, jewellery making

  • 26 years — educating, training, riding and learning with horses in various contexts:
    – handling horses of all ages and genders and riding at a stud in northern Germany
    – accompanying ridden tours, working with young and unhandled horses in New Zealand
    – working with future race horses on a stud in New Zealand
    – working with and handling an endemic pony breed on a small Greek island
    – volunteering on a horse sanctuary in Austria
    – riding, handling and long reign work with draft horses in the Netherlands
  • 20 years — intuitive massages, helping relieve pain and tension
  • 12 years — writing non fictional texts of differing forms
  • 20 years — picture taking
  • a year and two months — teaching at the Wilhelm-Hauff-Grundschule in Berlin, Wedding
  • two years — English teacher for 9 to 90 year olds for S-Cool (individual lessons and groups)
  • two years — Tourguide for Rostock, Schwerin and Bad Doberan
  • two years — doing project days in schools about topics of political education and courage (Network for Democracy and Courage)
  • four months — piloting a University project and volunteer work at a correction facility, helping inmates finish their education
  • two years — working for the company of the school, developing, financing and distributing of a student timer (3000 pieces)

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