Boston — Goodbye

It had been five years. Five years with the American boy, with Thomas. We had grown apart, we knew but we were still tryin, hanging on, giving space, taking it easy talking when we felt like it. I was in the middle of a year of travelling. In Greece I came across a puppy that won over my heart — a decision I knew would tie me to Europe. Back in Germany, I started looking for a van to continue my travels in. I wanted to ask Thomas for a loan to help with the car and in July of 2017 I left the pup with my parents and flew to Boston for 8 days. We realized there that we had grown too far apart and instead of with a loan I left with a bit more freedom and the joy of not having to go on a plane again any time soon.

It had been an interesting journey. I learned a lot about myself. Actually this relationship — with another person, another country — had been the initiation of looking at myself in ways I didn’t before — asking who I was and starting to define myself. Part of that was throwing myself into another culture, another society and understanding the one I had been born into from another angle. I will forever be grateful for all of it – for the missery, the hardship, the suffering, for the deep love, the passion, the knowledge and a mind boggeling physical connection. With Tommy I discovered striving and being passionate about life and your goals. In many ways this relationship woke me up. Thank you.

In five years we met 20 times, 5 times in Germany, 1 time in Portugal, 2 times in the UK and 13 times in the USA.
In five years we spent 59 weeks together — 11 in Germany, 1 ½ in Portugal, 2 in the UK and 45 in the USA.

Goodbye Tommy, Goodbye USA,

Thank you for what you taught me. Thank you for the love you gave me.


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