Coming from east Austria and going to south east Poland, my way brought me through Slovakia. My plan was to just drive through the country and get to Poland in one day. I had absolutely no clue what would await me in Slovakia. All I knew about the country was its name and its geographical location.

I was blown away. At first I found wide plains with rolling hills everpresent in the distance and cute villages with a rustic charm that spoke of a simple life. Soon I was driving through mountainous areas with street signs that told tales of cold winters with a lot of snow. I enjoyed maneuvering the serpentines and the forests around me.
And then she was there – the Tatry – aw-inducing, humbeling, mighty and rugged.

It was getting late and I decided to stay for the night. I found a spot at the foot of the Tatry. I could here a river in the valley and enjoyed a beautiful sunset and a quiet night. In the morning the mighty mountains greated me again with beautiful views. Me and Raki explored the area, munched on wild blueberries and raspberries and I wanted to have a skinny dip in the bubbeling river. Only the river was freezing cold and I reduced my bath to a quick wash.

We spent a few more hours in this beautiful country, driving North East before we leave for Poland.

Slovakia you were beautiful and charming. I will surely be back for a longer visit.














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