My relationship with the USA began in 2012, unexpected. The country had never been that fascinating for me, it seemed so full of itself and strange in many ways. Even though I was curious to visit at some point, it just wasn’t very intriguing.
Life had a different plan and in May 2012 Thomas came into my life through a couchsurfing request.
What followed was five years of relationship – with Thomas and the USA. Together but far apart. 13 times I visited the USA and spent a total of 45 weeks there.



USA in Germany or The Beginning of a Love Story

Welcome to the USA, Welcome to Florida

Roadtrip Part 1 — Miami to Washington D.C.

A Visit with the Capital

Roadtrip Part 2 — Driving South — Blue Ridge Mountains and Charleston


2013 . 2014 . 2015

In Between Worlds




Welcome to California

Tales of Suburbia & the Big City Live (San Jose)

Almaden Quicksilver County Park

The City (San Francisco)

Welcome to Yosemite (loong)

Big Sur


Florida once more

Parks and rec



The Keys

St. Petersburg (not Russia)


In 2016 Tommy’s and my meeting places became more international

United Kingdom


New York, New York



Boston — Goodbye